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You deserve to wholly love whoever you love. You’ll be treated as well as we treat all our couples, because you deserve a space where your love isn’t merely tolerated, it’s celebrated.

A special permission slip for the LGBTQ+ community– 

You can say sorry to your grandma later, this day is all about you two.

We’re on board for amping up the individuality, whether it be by wearing a hot pink wedding dress, including something quirky in your vows, or jumping in the pool after you say “I do”.

We believe the best photographs are the ones where you're effortlessly having fun.

Your permission slip to be yourselves has arrived.

Together, we are like the PB&J of wedding photography, working seamlessly together to get you hundreds upon hundreds of images that preserve the magic of your day.

Hey there, I’m Jen! I’m the lively hare, metaphorically hopping with my camera here, there, & everywhere to photograph and assist you at every turn, from morning until dark.

Meet Jen

the hare

the fox

I’m Steve! I consider myself more of the stealthy fox in this operation, using a photojournalistic style of shooting so you’ll hardly know I’m there.

Meet Steve

We met through a mutual friend who asked Jen to photograph his band. Turns out Steve was also in that band. (Awwww.)

Fast-forward over a decade and now we’re a married duo photographing other couples’ best day ever.

We're Jen & Steve


→ You think spending an hour picking out the perfect loaf of bread at the farmer’s market is a great way to spend the afternoon 
→ Barefoot Contessa is your religion, and you often pause and think, “What would Ina do?”
→ You’re overjoyed when you hear Death Cab is touring 
→ It pains you to miss an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. You need the tea.

You’d be besties with Jen if…

→ You love The Mets (or really just baseball in general)
→ You could spend all afternoon watching skate videos
→ You’re down to go to a Joyce Manor Concert
→ You like to rock climb 

You’d be friends with Steve if…

We postponed our 2020 wedding & we get how hectic planning a wedding can be. 

After the pandemic forced us to postpone our big day, we couldn’t wait and tied the knot in our family’s backyard with deli sandwiches and a s’mores cake.

(Fortunately, we were able to have our dream celebration later on.)

Facts about us

Invest in an artifact your entire family will majorly cherish for decades.

Heirloom Album Add-Ons

You deserve your best day ever without feeling extremely rushed. We’ll be there for 10 hours with our cameras to celebrate alongside you.

Extra Coverage

to our style

We opted for a true-to-color, timeless editing style so you’ll still love your photos when you’re old & gray.

No trendy filters here

We’re a package deal, so you’ll always have a built-in second shooter. No need to hire anyone else.

Always two photographers